Birch and Man

By Marta

July 23, 2021

After caterpillars came Man

The spring in this year was unusually friendly. It was warm and everything started to grow. The trees were green with this beautiful spring green, the flowers began to bloom much early than usual.

In June started catastrophe . It was something, what we didn't see before. There came caterpillars. You can see them everywhere. They ate everything green. Our beautiful trees were almost dry, without leaves.

We were fool of anxiety and we enjoyed every small leaf witch was still here. In front of our window was very big a nice birch. It still had some leaves on the top. So every day I pleased her, please, stay alive, maybe you can survive.

After few days of July situation changed to good. It weren't caterpillars everywhere, not at every green leaves. One day I saw, that trees before with dry birches begin to have new leaves. The same our birch. We were so surprised and happy.
Not for long time.

On July 16. our neighbor invited some company and they cut our beautiful and healthy birch down. The nature can protect itself from very dangerous animal, insect etc.
But it can't protect itself from Man.
Our BIRCH was killed on July 16. 2021.

Video here

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"Všechno se dá vysvětlit. Bohužel ne všem..." -NNI

"Všechno se dá vysvětlit. Bohužel ne všem..." -NNI

Victory over cancer

Victory over cancer

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